Have you ever been told you shouldn't do something but decided to do it anyway? Well, one Wisconsin family is doing what they want and you can't change their minds.

The Frank family, from Elm Grove Wisconsin, went to Disney World in Orlando Florida on Friday despite hurricane warnings across the state.

The dad, Dave Frank told WISN, "we know people down there" and compared Hurricane Irma to last year's Matthew saying "it was a lot of strong winds, but it wasn't too bad inland."

While it appears Disney World did indeed dodge any major hurricane damage, the park is closed today, while Disney hopes "to resume operations on Tuesday, September 12."

It's not to say that Disney in Orlando didn't receive any damage. USA Today reports, Disney World "did not lose power, but was hit with high winds and rain. Many trees were downed across its properties and some buildings had water leaks."

That said, there is no guarantee the park opens in the next few days. If it stays closed for an extended period of time, the Frank's may have made the trip (to a state just hit by a hurricane) to go to a park that's closed.

Kind of sounds like the premise of a movie. Let's hope Disney World for the Frank's turns out better than Wally World did for the Griswold's.

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