Imagine you're at the store and you're in the market for something like a new mattress, a couch, or I don't know, a desk.

After searching a few stores, you finally find the one of whatever it is that you're looking for. You're so excited and can't wait to get it home; there's only one problem. That new items won't fit in your car. DOH. What do you do?

Most people would probably come back with a bigger vehicle, rent a truck or even opt for delivery; that's what makes the most's just common sense.

But as you know, not all people know how to use common sense. Take 28-year-old Amber Schmunk for example.  Amber just bought a plastic swimming pool for the kids, probably got it for a really good deal too; but the pool wouldn't fit in her minivan. So what does she do?

According to NBC 15, she tied her son to the roof of her vehicle to hold down the pool. When she was questioned about why she decided to put her son's life in danger like that she told police that it was OK because her father would let her do similar things when she was her son's age.  Sigh. **insert suprised emoji face here**

Schmunk is charged with recklessly endangering safety, which is a felony.

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