Any pizza connoisseur that brags about having tasted every pizza topping, needs to head to this southern Wisconsin pizza joint for a squishy Skittles pizza.

Conversations about food happen pretty much every morning on The Steve Shannon Show. I find a new favorite just about every week from these conversations.

Pizza is one the most often mentioned topics of ANY food conversation

I'll bet just the mention of the word PIZZA immediately puts the taste of one of your favorites in your mouth.

Living in Illinois comes with the pleasure of having the best pizza in the world, that's my opinion. I happen to think that Rockford has some of the best pizza joints in the entire state.

I don't like a lot of vegetables, smelly cheeses or fruit (specifically pineapple) on my pizza, but candy, I'm all over this Wisconsin pie made with Skittles candy.

Pretty sure I may never have found this place if it hadn't been for one of my listeners catching us talking about Mars Wrigley, the makers of Skittles, finally getting rid of the green apple-flavored Skittle and bring back the OG lime flavor... for good.


The guy tells me that there's a place in Wisconsin that makes a pizza with Skittles and that he cant remember the name of the place but he said it's i the small town of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Stoughton, Wisconsin is only a one-hour drive from Rockford

I started looking for all the pizza joints in Stoughton and couldn't find it one the menu of any of them. I was really disappointed as it appeared that the place where he'd had one of these Squishy Skittle Pizzas was no longer serving them.

On Facebook, I noticed that one place that made quite a few different dessert-type pizzas and I thought I'd reach out and see if they were the creators of this pizza that I was certain my Skittle-loving, Sicilian wife would love.

It was them. I found it.  Spinners Pizza in Stoughton, Wisconsin... makers of the Squishy Skittle Pizza.

They shared all the fruity details:

The base of the Squishy Skittle pie is butter, some light cinnamon and sugar

Spinners Pizza
Spinners Pizza

The come the Skittles and streusel.

Then into the oven it goes and when it comes it gets all that icing.

Spinners said that each 10-inch desert crust pie gets around 50 Skittles.

Spinners Pizza
Spinners Pizza

Then I hit 'em with the question I'll bet your were thinking... Everyone has a favorite Skittle flavor.

"Can I pick which flavors you use on my pie?"

Sadly, they don't offer that customization.

Spinners Pizza
Spinners Pizza

Spinners Pizza is located at 2125 McComb Road in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

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