"Would you slow down or speed up?" seems a common question Wisconsin drivers ask.

I'm surprised to see Wisconsin so high on this list of the worst road ragers in America.

Using a formula combining road rage incidents involving "gun violence, fatal accidents attributed to aggressive or careless driving, fatalities due to aggressive or careless driving and citations for careless or aggressive driving (including excessive speed)." Stacker cobbled together a list of the 15 worst road-raging states in America.

Louisiana was far and away and had the highest road rage score at 47.32, and there was a wide margin between them and the second most road rage-y state, New Mexico.


Shockingly, Wisconsin was nailed with a 30.63 road rage score, and Stacker didn't hold back, saying:

Surprisingly, Wisconsin's reputation for Midwestern friendliness doesn't seem to apply when drivers get behind the wheel. Once they hit the road, Wisconsinites are more likely to look like they're extras from "The Fast and Furious."

Ranked 9th worst, most of the road rage incidents stem from those armed and angry behind the wheel.

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There were also more accidents due to careless or aggressive driving.


I know what you're thinking: "Illinois is on the list, right?" The answer is yes, but it's a surprise that Illinois is ranked 14th, with another Midwestern state, Ohio, ranked one better at 15.

Indiana and Iowa did not make the list of the 15 worst states with road rage in America.

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