When a Taylor Swift fan found a box of signed Folklore CDs she did something that would've definitely made Taylor and the rest of the Swifties proud.

She turned them in.

In case you aren't aware, Swift's surprise release Folklore has spent the past four weeks at #1 and as a "thank you" she sent a bunch of signed copies to record stores across America.

Word quickly spread that the signed CDs would be showing up so Swifties started to gather outside stores that would have copies in order to get their hands on one before they were all gone.

Tom Smith, manager of Exclusive Co., a record store in Green Bay, Wisconsin was on Today retelling a great story:

I walk up, and one of the people standing outside the store handed me the box and said UPS had her sign for it...I  said, 'Thank you for not walking off with this'...she goes, 'Taylor would have not wanted me to walk off with this.'

Apparently, signed copies of Taylor Swift's Folklore are fetching a pretty penny right now on the open market. If the woman would have taken off with the CDs and sold them on her own she could have made upwards of $9,000 according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Smith later told Today:

It's really endearing...Taylor Swift does so much good with her celebrity, and you can see how it also trickles down to her fans.

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