When I started on the Steve Shannon Show it only took a couple months before I got to learn the story of this woman. It was a day we were talking unique names so of course Steve mentioned Marijuana Pepsi Jackson (now Vandyck).

Her mother claimed the name would "take her around the world". I can't confirm if that's happened physically, but it's currently happening virtually. The internet is slowly but surely falling in love with Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck.

Marijuana is printed right there on her driver's license. Her mail comes addressed that way. Sometimes, when she's in a hurry, she uses the initials MP when she calls or encounters someone. That's just to avoid the 15 minutes of inevitable questions about her name. She has used MP in the real estate business so that stoners don't steal her signs.

Well not after completing her dissertation on black names in white classrooms, she's officially added 'doctor' to her unique name. JSonline also details -

For years, she has been putting aside money every month for the Marijuana Pepsi Scholarship, which starting this fall will give $500 each year to a deserving first-generation African American student enrolled at UW-Whitewater.

She's a true testament to the fact that your situation doesn't determine your future. Life is what you make it, and Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck is making THE most of it.

Check out all she's doing on her website.

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