Are you a fan of How to Get Away With Murder? In the very first episode of the latest season, Frank Delfino, mostly known for his bad behavior and seductive beard, did the unthinkable- he got rid of the beard.

The internet lost it's mind because not only was Frank hot with the beard, he was even hotter without it.

Have you ever looked at a guy with a beard and wondered what was under all the fur? My boyfriend, Jason, looks great with a beard, but not so much without it.

Now, Abraham Lincoln, on the other hand, is a very different story. I give you exhibit A, this statue of "Babe-raham Lincoln."

According to DNA Info, the statue, which sits at Senn Park in Edgewater, has women looking at Abe in a whole new light.

Ladies who've visited the statue have said, "He's definitely the hottest Lincoln I've ever seen;"  and another review on Foursquare (Foursquare and seven years ago...haha) said, "Young Abe Lincoln = TOTAL FOX."

Would you agree?

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