Two years ago the YMCA teen outreach program had to close their doors due to lack of funding. Those doors are opening again.

The Outreach program reopened on Tuesday (11/1) and will be covered through June 2017, according to

The YMCA has allocated $130,000 from the year's fiscal budget to be used to restart the program. It will include services like academic support, mentoring, leadership development, and recreation. What a huge win for our community. It is so important for teens to have a place to go where they can feel included, cared for, cultivate new friendships, and get help with subjects in school that they may be struggling with.

YMCA Program Returning is a Big Win for Rockford Teens

Programs like this are a necessity to any community to nurture our youth. Once they are lead astray their futures are destroyed. This is money well spent.

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