Women are probably already in line for this event.... which is three months away.

You know what? I would get in line too. And it would be the first time ever I was excited to be as at 'comic' event.

These events have come a long way in the last twenty years to include way more than just comic book and adventure movies.


Technically he was in one of those super hero things... 'Hero,' but we all know him as Jack, or Jess from Gilmore Girls, and we all love him for his curling lip thing.

The C2E2 is the weekend of April 6 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Jack, I mean, Milo, will be there on Saturday and Sunday.

He will be autographing, available for photos, and on a panel that I hope focuses on why Jack Pearson didn't unplug the Crock-Pot after he turned it off in 1998.

The tickets aren't terribly expensive, a 3-day pass is $75.75 in advance, just Saturday is $40.75 and just Sunday is $35.75, but just be aware those autographs and photos will cost you extra.

But a selfie with Jack Pearson is worth it, right?

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