'Tis the season of holiday flavored M&M's. Now, normally I don't get too excited about different M&M flavors. The only ones I've really liked are the peanut ones and the pretzel ones. However, I got pretty excited when I heard about this flavor the company is bringing back this winter.

Drum roll, please ...

The flavor is...

Hot Cocoa M&M's!

If you're like me you might be thinking... aren't M&M's already technically hot chocolate flavored? Kind of, but this flavor is totally different than the original flavor. These feature a small milk chocolate ring underneath the shell and a white chocolate marshmallow-flavored center. AKA it's a cup of Swiss Miss Hot chocolate in a little chocolate candy.  YUM!

Hot Coco M&M's will be sold in Target stores across the country. They are said to hit shelves come November. According to Insider -

In addition to the new Hot Cocoa M&M's, Target has a few other exclusive seasonal candies, including snickerdoodle white chocolate truffles from Lindt, hot cocoa squares with a marshmallow crème center from Dove and milk chocolate cookie crunch squares from Ghirardelli.

It may be too soon to start talking Christmas, but it's never to soon to start eating Christmas flavored food.

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