There isn't a pet owner on Earth that doesn't believe their pooch is the cutest there is, but this 'golden ratio' may say otherwise.

Since childhood, I've owned a couple of the breeds that made this 'cutest' list. While I didn't need a math equation to tell me their faces couldn't be any cuter, I'm pleased to see the St. Bernard make it onto this 'golden ratio' list. Often, the large breeds get ignored when it comes to lists like these.

The Golden Ratio (also know as 'divine proportion') is an old Greek mathematical equation that has long been used to rate the beauty of humans. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Julian De Silva, used the golden ratio to determine the celebrities with the perfect faces. The higher the percentage, the more 'perfect' the face:

  • Scarlett Johansson — 90.91%
  • Kate Moss — 91.05%
  • Taylor Swift — 91.64%
  • Ariana Grande — 91.81.
  • Amber Heard — 91.85%

A company that compares pet insurance,, is now using the same formula to rank the cuteness of 100 dog breeds.

While studying face-on photos of each dog, analysts calculated the dog's level of attractiveness based on the distance of their eyes, ears, nostrils and tongue. Once those numbers were crunched, the analysts were able to come up with a percentage that showed just how much, or how little, each dog adhered to the 'golden ratio'.

Only 10 dog breeds received a percentage that was higher than 62.5%. And, here they are:

10 Cutest Dog Breeds Based on the Ancient Greek 'Golden Ratio'

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