If you want to connect, share and contribute to a conversation on social media you often use a hashtag. Some of the most commonly used hashtags in our area are #Rockford #RockfordIL and of course, #815.  Represent.

But if you search some of these hashtags, you start to see that they often take on a totally different meaning in other parts of the country and across the world.

Most interestingly, #815. Search it on Instagram and you get everything from nail art, bongs, coffee, trucks, Hello Kitty and a lot more. It gets weird.

Here are 13 of my favorite WTF? #815 pics on Instagram that clearly have nothing to do with Rockford.


What exactly is going on here?

Maybe she's in Rockford, Illinois, via her virtual reality goggles?

What do you suppose #815 stands for here?

I'm starting to wonder if #815 is an area code in whatever country this was taken in.

#815 - the number of brains these pretend zombies have eaten in one sitting?

#815 horse power? Model #815? The Ford Cargo #815 Edition?

Filter #815 on Snapchat?

Oooh, so #815 is a brand? The Asian version of Coca Cola?

Did you know that #815 also represents the TV series Lost? Oceanic flight 815.

Seriously, you guys, what on earth could #815 possibly stand for here?

So, is that truck number #815?

Lost: 4-year-old girl in adorable school uniform. If found, please call #815...???

#815- the number of strands of hair this little girl found in her hello kitty brush.


Explore more weirdness, there's only 56,000 more photos with the #815 hashtag on Instagram; you'll really enjoy the ones that were actually taken in Rockford.

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