So, I'm super excited because I just got my state and federal tax refunds and you know what that means...time to go shopping. Yeah, I wish. Well, I am going shopping but it's not for anything fun. The first thing I plan on buying with my return is a set of new tires. Jealous?

Honestly, I've put more wear and tear on my tires in the six months that I've lived in Rockford than I did when I was commuting an hour from Lake Geneva everyday. That tells you something- the roads here are terrible; and that's me putting it lightly.

But as it turns out, it looks like there's other people in Rockford who might be getting new tires with their tax refund as well. People have taken to Twitter to express their frustration with Rockford roads and it's pretty spot on.

WARNING: NSFW Tweets below.

How many tires have you had to replace because of Rockford roads?


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