The 2020 stick bug season is going to get real nasty. For a couple of specific reasons, we'll be dealing with two generations, instead of the usual one.

If I were hated, like a stick bug is, I'd want you to know something important upfront, so we could work together. A stink bug comes into you home in peace. It doesn't want to eat your food, your kids or anything else you cherish. It does look a little menacing. It's hard to sell a small child on the idea that stink bugs won't hurt you.

You better get used to seeing stink bugs absolutely everywhere around your house. Unless you have covered up every possible way into your house, and I mean Every. Possible. Hole. Stink bugs are small and they're pretty crafty at finding a way inside as it gets colder.  Due to our mild winter and hotter-than-average temperatures this summer, we are now living with two generations of stink bugs, not just one.

The brown marmorated stink bug is originally from East Asia, but they've been present in the U.S. since the 1990s. Today the insect species can be found in 43 states (

A Crap-Load of Stink Bugs Will Hit Rockford in 2020, Here’s Why

Don't squash them, try not to vacuum them up either, they toss out a great stink if they feel threatened. Just scrape it, or grab it with a paper towel, and throw it in some soapy water. You can even leave some shallow trays with soapy water around the house, they work as a nice trap.

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