If you listen to the Steve Shannon Show regularly, you might have heard that I've never been to homecoming, no games, no parade and no dance. So when I see stories like Jake and Emily's, it not only makes me happy, it makes me want to share and spread the joy that they've brought each other.

According to Buzzfeed, Jake and Emily are both part of a Peer Partners program at Metea Valley High School in Aurora; when staff and students heard that Jake wanted to surprise Emily with a cookie as a way to ask her to homecoming, they wanted to help.

Student and peer volunteer, Stephanie Zagurski, immediately jumped into action and she was able to gather an abundance of students to rush to the cafeteria, where the proposal was going to take place.

The students gathered around Emily and Stephanie was able to get the moment on camera.

BRB, crying.

Seriously though, people from all over are loving this, even the New York Post.

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