With summer coming to an end and school starting within the next week or two, it's easy to start rushing and cramming all the fun you can with the kids before you ship them off on that big yellow school bus. Most of you will soak up some sun at Magic Waters, take a long boat ride down the rock river and relax in the sand at Pearl Lake Beach.

While you're doing that, 14-year-old Max Freund is busy organizing thousands of school supplies with his youth group to give to local kids in need.

According to WIFR, Max created RESCUES- Reaching Every Student by Collecting Used Education Supplies, 5 years ago. Every year he collects used school supplies that are still usable and gives them to students who need them.

What a great idea, Max. Thank you for helping your fellow students in need. As a single mom, I can tell you that I've counted on services like yours for many years and it's greatly appreciated. Not too many kids your age would think of doing something so wonderful for others.

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