Is there a bigger dream come true?

I don't think so!

Aldi. It's great.

The produce is inexpensive but also high quality. The store is big enough to fill your cart, but not too big to get lost.

Then my favorite thing about Aldi, the weird finds.

It seems like there's always something at Aldi that you've never seen before, including the best thing I've ever bought there, spray dish soap. I wish I would've bought ten of them.

Now the best news yet. Starting today, the Rockford Aldi location is delivering!


The delivery service is through Instacart.

You order the Aldi stuff, which looks to be about the same price as the store, set up delivery and boom, your groceries appear at your doorstep.

The best part? The first delivery is free.

So even if you just get that freebie delivery, it's totally worth it.

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