Rockford appears on several lists every year. Some good, some not so good. This kind of thing makes these lists useless to me. This is real people. Rockford people.

This isn't the first time the generosity of others, in the Rockford area, has left me speechless and covered in goosebumps. In the near quarter-century that I have worked in Rockford radio, I have asked for donations for many people and many organizations. The people of this region have always shown up; with donations of time, love, companionship, understanding, support, money and more. This is another one of those times I'm speechless and goosebump-covered.

Rock House Kids is an organization and a safe haven for at-risk kids in Rockford. And like many places that fill special voids, there isn't any state or federal funding. Places like Rock House Kids, which provides hot meals, basic life essentials, take-home bags of food for over 250 kids, have to rely on donations from people like you and me. For Rock house, there's also a mortgage to be paid on the building where they provide their much-needed services. As of today, that mortgage bill is a thing of the past, according to An anonymous donor just gave them a check for $74,000 to pay of the mortgage on their building on 7th Street in Rockford.

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