A super talented sports artist recently visited Wrigley Field and pure magic happened.

S. Preston travels the country from stadium to stadium combing his talents with different sports teams and the art of minimalism. His art doesn't stop there though.

When he was at Wrigley, his talented art got to shine, but with a Disney twist. Check out the amazingness that is Ariel as a Cubs player and Belle as Harry Carrey -


WGN details -

Preston is one of only two professional artists licensed by Major League Baseball. His images of all 30 stadiums are now in the Baseball Hall of Fame, including digital drawings of Soldier Field, the United Center, Sox park and even Sister Jean. The renowned minimalist started drawing something different, something magical instead of minimal. Over the course of a couple of innings, he’ll draw a princess.

He takes a photo, then posts it on twitter with his seat number. The first one to find him, gets to keep it for free.


You can follow his art journey and check out more awesome sketches on his Twitter.

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