So far in 2019, the Mutual UFO Network, AKA MUFON, said they've gotten 72 reports of unidentified objects in Illinois.

72 is a lot of sightings. Considering we're only 6 months into the year, that's a ton of reports. Even though they've been able to explain a lot of the sightings, there are still at least eight that are considered "unidentifiable" or "unknown."

That's kind of terrifying. According to ABC20-

Large triangular crafts, square objects and what appear to be fireballs have all been reported.

Illinois State MUFON Director Sam Maranto said -

We spend more time killing each other than we do working on developing a better lifestyle for all of us. Maybe we aren't mature enough, maybe the release of something so advanced like this could be damaging - I don't know. But, the bottom line is the phenomena does exist.

If you do come across a flying object, investigators said you should take a video or at least a picture of what you're seeing. If possible, show it to a friend or family member.

To read the detailed reports and to fall into a rabbit hole follow this link.

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