This might be the cheapest Bears ticket you'll ever see.

Growing up, I remember the Bears being good. Or at least worth cheering for, but lately it's embarrassing to even rock your Bears hoodie at the grocery store Sunday morning.

But even in the last few years when the Bears continued to disappoint us, tickets were still pretty pricey.

That's not the deal for the game this weekend.

Now, let's factor in a few other things.

First, it's on a Saturday, so that's screwy.

Next, it's Christmas Eve. So you know...people have plans.

But, if you don't have plans on Christmas Eve... or you'd rather bump your family for the cheapest adventure to Soldier Field you'll ever have... tickets are super affordable for this week's game.

I'm talking $20.

According to NBC Chicago, tickets to the game are going for as low as $20. That's less than two drinks at the stadium.

Yeesh. Poor Bears, at least they can recover from this embarrassing fact by spending Christmas home with their families.

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