The Strawberry Moon, a celestial event that captures the imagination, is the June full moon named by Native American Algonquin tribes. Here's the best time to catch it at its brightest moment if you live in Illinois.

What is a Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Rises Over St Michael's Mount
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The name "Strawberry Moon" might evoke images of rosy-hued moons, but it refers to the time of year when wild strawberries are ripe for picking.

This terminology reflects the close relationship early Native American tribes had with nature and the seasons. As the days grow longer and warmer, this moon signals the start of summer and the lush abundance it brings.

Astrologically, the Strawberry Moon is believed to be a time of reflection and fruition. It’s seen as a moment to appreciate growth and the fruits of one's labor.

Spiritually, it invites us to enjoy the rewards of our hard work and embrace the peak of the year’s light.

Cheers to the Strawberry Moon and our strong efforts, I see nothing wrong with a little bubbly and a couple of pieces of fruit to commemorate the moment.


Best Time to See the Strawberry Moon in Illinois


The moon turns full on Friday, June 21, a day after the summer solstice. It doesn’t happen often that the solstice falls within a day of the full moon — only about once every 19 to 20 years, according to

The Old Farmer's Almanac points out why this rare occurrence benefits our viewing.

The sun reaches its highest point in the sky with the solstice, so on the 21st, the moon will appear lower in the sky and look bigger.

Start looking into the southeastern sky around sunset to see the Strawberry Moon rising. The moon will reach its peak illumination at 8:10 pm Central time.


Most Important Strawberry Moon Fact

The Strawberry Moon is a beautiful reminder to pause and savor life's sweetness. Whether you’re gazing at it from a city rooftop or a quiet countryside, take a moment to reflect on your journey and the bounty of experiences that have shaped you.

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