"Alpaca Breathe and Stretch - The only BS we need in our lives"

That sentence pretty much sums up this event. You might have heard of goat yoga before. If you haven't here's a taste of what that fun looks like -

I see your goat yoga and raise you alpaca breathe and stretch.

This event happening in Poplar Grove sounds SO fun. The event's website details -

Alpaca Breathe and Stretch is the only BS we need in our lives. Learn how breathing techniques combined with movements real people do everyday can help us relax and release our tight and achey muscles. With a little assistance from our alpaca we promise this will be the best non-yoga class you have ever taken. It will keep you coming back for more.

Now I can't say for sure, but from what I read about the event and the photo I saw, I'm pretty sure this Alpaca Breathe and Stretch event will look like this ...

HOW FUN DOES THAT LOOK? This local event really focuses on the breathing and stretching aspect. To help you REALLY focus and relax.

There's just something about animals that make everything better. Alpaca Pines in Poplar Grove is where the event will be held. Here's some more details on that -


This is their opening day event, and based on the turn out they'll be hosting more. It's the first year they're offering this event. So if you don't get tickets, don't worry, there will be more fun. I also learned Alpaca Pines will be offering private groups, corporate groups and hopefully school groups the chance to have their own events.

Alpaca Pines is a fiber mill and offers private tours of the facility as well. You can follow them on Facebook and check on their website for future events.

Learn more about the event happening on June 12 HERE! 

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