In case you didn't know, Chance The Rapper is literally my most favorite musical artist/chicagoan/human EVER. He's my fav for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is he is ALWAYS giving back to his community, aka Chicago!

Chance does amazing things for the city of Chicago year round, but for the Holiday's he always makes sure he gives some extra love to those who need it. And this year is no different.

Chance The Rapper is doing a big turkey giveaway in Chicago. With the help of the rapper’s charitable foundation SocialWorks, the giveaway will take place at three locations on Monday, Nov. 23 and and three locations on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Here's some more details according to WGN -

A total of 250 turkeys will be given away at each location. They are first come, first served and only one turkey per family.


But here's something I really admire about Chance The Rapper, I would be willing to be that it's not just his team out there handing out free turkeys. Usually, at charity events like this, Chance is right there getting his hands dirty and helping out.

It's easy for celebrities to set up charity events with their name on it, but it's a whole different level of commitment to your community when you're right there with your team working. On top of the turkey giveaway his team is also hosting a donation drive -

Like I said, Chance The Rapper and his team over at Social Works do amazing work for the city of Chicago.

Thanks for all you do Chance, love ya, mean it! - MJ

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