Did you know that it's scientifically proven that decorating for the holidays early can boost your mood? Well, Rockford is totally down with that. The city just put their tree up! Well ... kind of.

The official 2020 Stroll on State Christmas tree has officially settled down in Downtown Rockford for the Holidays. And this isn't your average Christmas tree, it's massive. There's a few more steps involved than what most families experience when bringing home the tree.

First things first with a tree this big, you've got to harvest it.

Like I said, not your average Christmas tree farm adventure where all you need is a saw and some muscle. Moving a tree this size is a process, but with plenty of previous year's practice, things went smoothly!

The tree is usually lit during the annual Stroll on State festivities but due the pandemic that won't happen this year. Stroll on State is going virtual this year (just like everything else in 2020) but is still FILLED with holiday fun.

The Steve Shannon Show got the chance to talk to John Groh from the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and he told us all about the changes coming to this year's festivities -

So while we wait for Stroll on State, so does the tree. Here's where it's hanging out in Downtown Rockford right now -

It looks so good hanging out with the big Rockford sign! Here's some more behind the scenes shots from the tree moving -

If you you weren't already in holiday mood, a drive through downtown Rockford is one sure fire way to get in the spirit. For all the Stroll on State details you can head here.

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