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The average non-Chicago football fan can only say the Bears have been lucky for so long. Eventually, despite the degree of the "ugliness" of the victory, a win is a win. The same can be said for an NFL team that currently has a 5-1 winning record. Even with such a good record, Chicago Bears' fans are often sitting on the edge of their seats.

Sunday's game was no exception to the nail-biting scenario. Will Foles throw another interception? Who is going to get injured this week? Will Matt Nagy call a good offensive play? What color is the Gatorade? That last question most likely wasn't top of mind, I'll admit.

Someone in the video department within the Chicago Bears put together some of the highlights from Sunday's win and blended in GIFs that describe fan reaction perfectly.

If Da Bears can continue this winning streak and the person in the video department keeps putting videos like this it will be an even better of a season for fans of the Chicago Bears.

Did you know there are a bunch of currents and former Chicago Bears players who grew up not too far from Rockford? Cole Kmet and Chris Zorich are from the Land of Lincoln, Tom Thayer, Ed O'Bradovich, Dick Butkus, and George Halas are just a few more. Check out the full list HERE.

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