These Chicago kids are more than just adorable, they're talented, too!

Sure two of my nephews are in the 'Go Cubs' part of this video, but it was going viral way before my brother sent it to me.

William Hatch Elementary School is getting into the Cubs spirit with an amazing video featuring their Steel Drum Band. These kids aren't just arbitrarily hitting those drums, they worked hard to perfect the only Cubs hype song we really need.

The rest of the students in the school got to participate too, by singing along to 'Go Cubs Go' sitting in a 'Go Cubs' formation.

I get goosebumps watching this! Maybe it's because I've been singing 'Go Cubs Go' since I learned how to talk, maybe it's because my two little nephews are a part of this, or maybe it's for the exact reason Aly Bockler shared the video on her Facebook page.

Aly Bockler VIA Facebook

I couldn't have said it better myself.