How does a day off spent at the spa sound? Pretty amazing. How about a day at the spa with some beer included? Extra amazing.

A beer spa in Chicago is offering a new service to customers called 'beer soaks'. It's pretty self explanatory if you ask me.

Piva Beer Spa is located in in Chicago and is here to offer a new type of spa service. It's 2019 and a Swedish massage doesn't cut it anymore.

That’s a tub with extracts of hops, barley, and brewer’s yeast that Piva Beer Spa claims has health benefits to customers, particularly to their skin.  According to their website, the beer soak exfoliates, improves elasticity, helps clear acne and hydrates the skin.  They also said the soak benefits hair, by conditioning it and stimulates hair that is thinning.

Before I even had read the benefits I was excited. The fact that there even are health benefits is just a bonus to me. To check out ALL of the health benefits, pictures, pricing and more you can check out Piva Beer Spa's website. 

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