To this very day, one of my biggest pet peeves is garbage.

I mean garbage is gross, like, have you ever been driving and watched someone just throw something out their window like it's no big deal?

Close Up Of Driver In Car Dropping Trash Out Of Window On Country Road
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It's one of the worst looks a human can possibly have. Do you know what it says about you? It says, "I don't care about anything at all." Something that so easily could be put in the garbage is now on the road ultimately left for someone else to clean up.

That also makes me wonder what the inside of their home looks like. Is there garbage everywhere? How about the inside of their vehicle? Just thinking about it kind of makes my skin crawl.


So when I saw this yesterday online, I thought I might have a clone working for the city of Rockford because it's literally something I would put together if I was in charge of putting anti-littering signs up in The Forest City.

The sign reads:


  • I am a Jerk.
  • I don't care about Rockford.
  • Someone else can clean up after me.
  • All of the above.
Gretchen Beaman
Gretchen Beaman

Not sure why the J in jerk is capitalized but that's a story for another time.

What's most important is that someone working for the city has the same kind of sense of humor and the same issues with littering as I do and I sure hope it gets through to those who litter.

Because I care about Rockford and a good joke too. Let's make this town beautiful, folks.

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