This year is just ... absurd.

Remember when one of the craziest things of 2020 was this?

And then things got even crazier when we met the new baby peanut.

Is it just me or does this all feel like it happened LAST YEAR?

Well, in the middle of the madness that is 2020, Planters decided it was a good time to make this all relevant again.

Do they taste different? Are the peanuts smaller? Do they look cuter than before? I have so many questions!

Delish details -

According to one Instagram food account, the Planters classic peanut tins now have a photo of Baby Nut holding a peanut on the front with a label that reads "That's one cute nut!" These tins do have a limited-edition label on them so there's no telling how long they'll be in stores (or if other products will have Baby Nut on them soon).

I'm not mad at the change. If it makes my grocery shopping a little cuter, then sign me up. Hopefully slowly but surely we'll see more of Baby Nut on our shelves.

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