Santa Claus is coming to town! And you don't want to miss this opportunity.

The Nicholas Conservatory is hosting Breakfast with Santa on a few select weekend days in December. The jolly man in red will make 5 different appearances in our city. This is surely an experience you don't want your kids to miss. In fact, if you don't take them, you better not let them find out that they missed out.

On top of eating breakfast with Santa, your kids will get photo ops, get to fill Santa in on their wish list, and take a trip through the All Aglow Exhibit with the man himself. They will also get to meet the Winter Fairy (your daughters might be more into her than Santa), and do a some fun holiday activities and crafts.

Don't Miss Breakfast with Santa at Nicholas Conservatory


There are 5 different dates to choose from with 2 different time slots starting on December 3rd. Spots are going to fill up fast, because I mean who wouldn't want share some grub and hang out with Santa? You can get all of the info you need at GoRockford.

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