Grab your designated driver, because OMG we all need tickets for this sangria fest.

Way back when I turned 21 and I started drinking, I could only drink hard liquor.

I just couldn't deal with the flavor of beer, and wine wasn't working.

Until I discovered sangria.

I was at Summerfest in 2009 and I couldn't find vodka anywhere, so I did it. I bought my first glass of sangria and I've been a wine-o ever since.

Since then, I have managed to enjoy way more wine than just sangria, but it still holds a special place in my soul.

So I was pretty pumped to hear about this sangria festival in Chicago next month.

It's all going down on Sunday, August 20 in Humboldt Park.

Of course, the fest is packed with sangria of all kinds, but there's also a bunch of live music and pop-up food stations featuring tapas, tacos, and other amazing looking snacks.

I feel I must get my ticket ASAP.

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