Halloween is about all things scary; but something tells me that this Halloween, scary will have a very different meaning for our local Starbucks baristas if this rumor about a Zombie Frappuccino is true.

According to several sources, including Eater and Refinery 29, the global coffee chain will be offering this unearthly beverage from October 26th through the 31st to celebrate Halloween.

Reps for Starbucks have yet to confirm their official Halloween plans but if you want to stand in line at your local store, like a zombie because you haven't had caffeine yet, you can bravely ask your barista to make the concoction for you.

Just ask for green apple and pink powder to create a green tint, pink whipped cream for the brains and chilling pink mocha drizzle.

Baristas, be prepared to lose your minds.

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