Go just about anywhere right now and people are talking about whether or not Rockford should adopt home rule. I wish to speak with you about something different.

This is not to further either side of the argument over whether Rockford would be better off with Home Rule. You have your opinion on the subject and I have mine. The most important thing to remember is to vote. The second most important thing is to make sure the people who step inside your 'home', understand the 'rules' to be followed.

These are a few of my House Rules:

  • NO toothpaste spills left in sink.
  • NO hair left in sink.
  • NO caked up toothpaste on the tip of the tube.
  • NO Housewives Of.... anywhere, on any TV, ever.
  • NO wet towels on the floor.
  • Turn off the light in rooms you're not using.
  • Don't do this with the toilet paper roll.
  • NO shoes on the furniture.
  • NO phones at the dinner table.
  • TSM
  • DO NOT put ketchup or mustard in the fridge. You don't have to and nobody likes cold condiments on hot food.
  • If you wake, when your feet hit the floor, you have to thank God for the gift of another day.
  • What's on your list of House Rules?