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Alright, it's our turn. Yesterday I started a fire on social media by listing Five Ways to Tick Off a Wisconsinite. Well let's flip the script and piss off, us. Ha!

From MatadornNetwork comes Five Ways to Tick Off Someone From Illinois.

Some of these are legit, pronouncing the "S" at the end of Illinois is pretty annoying. Forcing someone to choice between Sox and Cubs can really upset certain folks, but like the Wisconsin list most of these are just comical.

So here are Five Ways to Tick Off Someone From Illinois:

  • Put Ketchup on a Hotdog - Considered a sin
  • Assume Everyone is From Chicago - Oh you are from Illinois? Chicago Right? Um, no.
  • Force One to Choice Cubs or Sox - This argument takes on a life of it's own.
  • Pronounce the "S" in Illinois - Just don't.
  • Claim that the whole state "can't drive." - Take that back across the border...Left lane Wisconsinites, left lane. 


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