How much do you love the McDonald's Big Mac?

Do you think you can show enough love to the McDonald's Big Mac on Twitter using the #BlingMacContest to win a $12,500 Big Mac ring called a Bling Mac?

You heard that right, a Bling Mac. That's because McDonald's has teamed up with a jeweler, Nadine Gohsn to create a *bLiNg MaC*.

Delish says "Every layer represents a different part of the iconic burger, using diamonds for sesame seeds, Champagne brown diamonds as patties, and even orange sapphires as the Special Sauce."

Gohsn's love affair with cheeseburgers runs pretty deep at least according to her Instagram account.

If you think you love the Big Mac even more than Gohsn, you might just win the bling...Mac. You have until Valentine's Day to profess your love on Twitter.

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