While the rest of the world sits in awe of this viral video, my Wisconsin-native heart is full, because this is completely normal to me.

A Frozen Pizza section in Wisconsin

It doesn't matter where you travel to in the United States, if a frozen pizza is what you most want, you won't find a selection like what you're about to see in this video. Outside of Wisconsin ( and a fair amount of northern Illinois), it's just not the same.

The massive frozen pizza section may also have something to do with the amount of drinking that goes on in America's Dairyland. A late night of beer drinking always goes better with a frozen pizza.

It should be noted that the specific grocery store chain featured in the video below is very well-known for having enormous amounts of 3 specific products:

  1. Pizza
  2. Cheese
  3. Booze

If you haven't figured out which grocery store chain this is yet, I'll let the sound of this man's shopping cart rolling through the frozen pizza section give you the best clue ever. There is no other store on earth where your shopping cart gets this loud!

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@MiltownBucky tweeted an interesting fact about that video you just watched.


Even the writers at Yahoo.com are starting to understand how Wisconsin just does some things differently.

Reaction to what we're calling The Great Midwestern Pizza Concentration of 2022 ranges from starry-eyed bewilderment to delight, with local Wisconsinites and Cheeseheads letting it be known that this is completely normal behavior in America's Dairyland.

Anyone living in Wisconsin or northern Illinois knows exactly in what store you'll find that beautiful pizza sight.


Woodman's is my absolute favorite grocery store. During the height of the Covid pandemic, it was the only place people gathered, and it was also one of the very few places I saw tremendous kindness during a difficult time for our country. I wrote an open letter to the Rockford, Illinois Woodmans' employees who were outstanding in the midst of all our stress.


Hey @Fart_Bartholmew, I got you.

Booze and cheese, are two more areas where Woodman's far exceeds other grocery stores.

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