The relief package is a result of funding from the federal CARES Act, and provides relief for communities and businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

There will be two housing assistance programs as part of the package, with $150 million going to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program and $150 million going toward the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. The programs will officially launch in August, with the governor extending the residential eviction ban until July 31.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program will provide $5,000 grants to tenants who can't pay rent because of COVID-19, with 30,000 renters receiving support through the end of the year. The Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program will give approximately 10,000 homeowners a grant of up to $15,000.

Governor Pritzker's support package also includes $270 million in Business Interruption Grant, with applications being accepted starting Monday. The grants are for businesses including restaurants, bars, salons, gyms and other businesses unable to open or are severely restricted because of COVID-19. Small businesses damaged from civil unrest following the death of George Floyd are also eligible for relief.

The piece goes on to point out that expanded emergency senior services, funding for food banks, grants for restorative justice groups and stipends for adults and youth seeking part-time summer employment are also part of the support package.

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