If you're here to complain about celebrating Christmas too early, have you missed the memo? There's no rules this year. I saw people putting up their Christmas Tree in April just for fun.

So if you're craving that feeling you get when you decorate for the holiday's, then you should help decorate downtown. The Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is beginning to decorate downtown for the holidays. Things like festive lights, trees, and gift boxes all need to be set up.

WTVO details -

Coronavirus precautions will also be in place. Decorators will have to wear a mask, check their temperatures, and keep their distance from others. Organizers hope the tradition will end the year on a high note.

Like I said before, Christmas decorations can evoke a certain kind of joy in people, a type of joy the world needs this year more than ever. John Groh, President & CEO of RACVB says -

I think one of the worst things that could happen would be if throughout the holiday season it felt like October, it felt like September, nothing changes and so we will bring that magic of Stroll on State through our decorations to our community.

Interested in playing a little Santa this weekend? Decorators should meet at the intersection of Winnebago Street and Chestnut on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.

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