Spooky season is upon us and that means a fun new drink to enjoy at Starbucks.

This spooky frapp is on the secret Starbucks menu, which you know means, like it's not really on any menu at all but if you tell your barista what is in the frapp they can make it for you.

The Jack Skellington frappuccino is a chocolate pumpkin mix that at least one Starbucks girl has successfully ordered and posted on IG.

Kelsalyn says the frapp is:

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino -Chai syrup
-Shot of espresso (for the coffee lovers)
-Mocha drizzle on sides of cup
-Whipped cream on top
-Java chips

It doesn't sound too complicated so I'm sure most of the baristas you run into can tackle it!

My best advice for secret menu items is make them in the Starbucks app and order ahead so you can be sure your barista gets it right.

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