It's no secret the Chicago Bears didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year. So if you want to root for a team, it's either going to be the Chiefs or the 49ers. I honestly don't know who to root for, but I learned I can just agree with the rest of the state.

New Twitter data shows more states will be cheering on the Chiefs this Super Bowl Sunday. Here's the breakdown -

Credit WTVO
Credit WTVO

WTVO details -

The data was gathered through the primary fan hashtags used on Twitter over the last week. More than 75,000 tweets were tracked using the hashtags #ChiefsKingdom and #GoNiners.  San Francisco fans were also using #BeLegendary. The map shows that the middle of the country is primarily Chiefs fans and the Niners took the coasts.

So basically  the Twitter data shows 27 states are cheering for the Chiefs and 23 are for the 49ers.

All I know is I'm rooting for good commercials and an even better halftime show.

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