Happy 'National Blood Donor Month'! Whether you've donated before, or just have the interest to donate, this is the perfect month to celebrate and give. Created by the Red Cross, the month of January is dedicated to making sure blood banks get all of the donations they need. As we begin the New Year, the Red Cross encourages individuals to resolve to roll up a sleeve to give this month and throughout 2019.

So how can you participate in this amazing month of giving in Rockford? You can head right over to the Rock River Valley Blood Center and donate. Just one unit of blood saves 3 lives. The season of giving might have ended, however, it is always in season to donate blood and save lives. I have donated before and it is an incredibly heartwarming feeling. Want to donate? Here are some steps to make sure you're prepared -

Make sure you eat enough and drink plenty of water beforehand. All details, locations, and a link to sign up to donate can be found here.

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