Remember when Kraft made pumpkin spice flavored mac and cheese during the Fall? I do, because the though of eating it scarred me for life, and I didn't even actually eat it.

There's really nothing better than a box of Kraft mac and cheese. So why would we try to modify it? Well, apparently Kraft thinks it's fun to mess with our favorite food. What are they doing this time? Well, they're gearing up for Valentine's Day.

Kraft announced they're holding a contest to win a box of their limited edition pink "Candy Mac And Cheese". Um .... EW? And it's not just kind of pink, it's HOT PINK.

The box of Original Mac & Cheese is joined by a packet of pink, candy-flavored powder to mix into one's cheesy dinner. Because you know, that sounds good? So what's in this pink powdered packet?

According to Today -

Actually, according to a Kraft-Heinz spokesperson, the vibrant pink hue comes from beetroot and carrot concentrates. As for what makes it tastes like candy, the extra packet of powder contains fructose, natural flavors and vanilla extract, they said.

I don't know if I feel better about the whole thing or worse after reading that. I love mac and cheese, and the though of it having a candy flavor in it is freaking me out. So how do you get your hands on a box?

You head to through Feb. 8 at 12 p.m. CST and enter the contest. A thousand winners will be selected to receive the magenta mac in time for Feb. 14.

I can't lie, as weird as it sounds, I totally entered to win a box.


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