Let's be honest, we've all got PLENTY of time right now.

Let's be honest again. We don't know what to do with all of the newly acquired time. I'm definitely guilty of the quarantine boredom. So I've found myself spending a lot of time on TikTok.

Which led me to the discovery of whipped coffee. And yes it's as magically delicious as it sounds.

@imhannahchoyes i hand whisked this whipped coffee for like 20 mins bc my mommy wanted to try it 👻 she loved it!! (달고나 커피) ##korean ##fyp ##aesthetic

♬ Put your head on my shoulder cover by karlo - karlogutierrez

The recipe is SUPER easy -

  • 2 TBS Instant Coffee
  • 2 TBS Sugar
  • 2 TBS Hot Water

Mix, pour into ice and milk, enjoy!

Here's the thing though. I've got plenty of time, but I don't have the patience to hand whisk that. But that's why electric mixers exist.

Here's my review after making it -

  • 10/10 fun to make
  • 8/10 fun to drink (make sure you stir it well)
  • 9/10 taste

I'm a big coffee drinker, but I also love sweet coffee. So if you're more into a less-sweet coffee, use less sugar.

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