Ladies check your bra tags, do you wear this size?

Chances are you are currently wearing a bra that is size 34B... or 36C. Those two sizes are considered average, and also end up on a bunch of bodies that shouldn't be wearing them.

This info comes from Women's Health magazine's research with a fit expert from the store, Aerie. The expert, Jenny Altman, says that a lot of women buy bras in 34B and 36C without realizing it's not the right fit.

Well, thanks a lot, Jenny. Because that's pretty much all of my bras.

Ok, so what do we all do? We start from scratch and try some new bras, without worrying about the numbers and letters on the tags.

  • You can slide your band up and down
  • You've got boob bulge
  • All of your bras are the exact same size

Bra shopping is almost as much of a pain as jean shopping, so you maybe want to take your mom, sister, best friend, or margaritas with you.

You should also take your mom, sister and best friend with you this Friday night to watch guys wear the complete wrong size bras, and not just any guys... Rockford Firefighters!



Thompson Digital Image
Thompson Digital Image

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