I love the holiday season for a lot of reasons - but reason number one is the sweets. From cookies to cake to candy, anywhere you go this time of year has festive tins FILLED with all the best stuff.

However, I don't think Illinois really gets the concept of holiday themed candy. This is the time of year to fully embrace things like peppermint and cinnamon. From candy canes to green and red M&M's some candy just screams Christmas. Illinois' favorite candy does not even remind me of Christmas. It reminds me of Halloween.

According to Candy Store, Illinois' favorite Christmas candy is ... Reese's Cup Minis.

Not candy canes, or peppermint bark, or M&M's, Reese's. Now let's get one thing straight, I LOVE Reese's, but this time of year other candies definitely take priority. Wisconsin got it right, their favorite is peppermint bark.

You can see what every state loves here.

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