Almost $9,000 was scammed out of a grandmother in Illinois.

I talk to my mother about it all the time. We discuss how to avoid scams. There are so many different ways they can happen. Over the phone, through the internet, by mail, someone going door-to-door, and many other ways. I do my best to try and protect her, so she doesn't get taken advantage of by those people.

Unfortunately, a grandmother in Peoria, Illinois didn't know.

According to,

"A 78-year-old Peoria County woman lost $8,900 in a bail scam."

The lady received a call from someone saying her granddaughter had been arrested and needed money for bail. Wanting to help, she withdrew $8.900 from her bank account and sent it to a place in Florida.

The grandmother called to check up on her grandchild and found out she had never been in jail. The scammers tried getting more money but the senior citizen figured out they were stealing from her. She immediately called the police but it was too late.

Please make sure your family members are protected.

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