Valentine's Day is here and if you've been preparing for it in the same fashion that you prepare for Christmas, by watching cheesy; romantic movies on Hallmark (with a box of chocolates, of course), you're in good company.

According to Century Link, 85 million people reported that they've indulged in warm and fuzzy holiday movie marathons on the Hallmark the past two years, giving networks like ESPN and Fox News some serious competition.

Century Link also added a list of Hallmark movies that each state loves the most and they say that Illinois' is My Favorite Wedding.

That's cool, but we thought we'd take this a step further. Over the holidays, we found a holiday TV movie story line generator game; and using that same game, we created our very own Hallmark Valentine's Day movie.

Here's a description of the film:

Jeremy is a single dad who's ready to settle down, but his girlfriend of five years can't seem to get her act together, so he breaks up with her. Six months later, he gets a call from her and she's finally ready to commit...just to someone else. Jeremy's best friend convinces him to go to Vegas to blow off some steam.; but while they're there, they end up staying at the same hotel where his ex girlfriend just happens to be married. That's when Jeremy's daughter's guidance counselor recognizes him and pretends that she's his girlfriend to save him from humiliation and they fall in love in the process.

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