There wasn't a summer of my childhood that I didn't do this, the only difference is I did it for selfish reasons. Stories like these put me in the best mood.

Before I share this story, I need to ask you a few questions:

Do you know a teacher?

Do you know a teacher who struggles to come up with everything needed for their classroom?

Do you know a teacher who goes the extra mile every time for their students? One more question.

Have you or your kids ever had a lemonade stand?

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The story I get to share with you involves all of those things above and the big difference between this story and my childhood lemonade stand story is that these 3 soon-to-be sixth-graders had zero intentions of using that money for themselves.

Meet Layla and her friends, Lee Lee, Braydon, and Kenley


These three kids from Creston, Illinois are excited about their new 6th-grade teacher when they return to school in the fall at Creston Community School. Their new teacher, Sophie Lim, just finished college and her first teaching job will be in these little entrepreneurs' classroom.

Layla and her friends didn't want their new teacher to have to spend her own money on getting her classroom set up with all the necessary supplies, so they did the absolute kindest thing ever.

The Best Lemonade Stand in Illinois

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Layla, Lee Lee, Braydon, and Kenley sold regular and strawberry lemonades for $2 and snacks for $1.25.

In just one afternoon, they raised $350.


These three young people didn't stop there, they even set up an Amazon Wish List for anybody who wanted to continue helping with supplies for the classroom because so many people were interested in donating after they closed their stand down.

I'd have to say that Sophie is pretty fortunate to have such a loving community wrapping their arms around her before she starts her first year teaching.

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