For one-of-a-kind Halloween fun, visit the most haunted dive bar in Illinois.

Halloween Is Fun For Everyone

I think Halloween is one of those holidays where everyone can have a good time. There are so many options that can go in several different directions. You can do activities as a whole family.


One can completely focus on the kids.

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Some people like to go all-in for the adults.


It could be just for fun.


Or it could just scare the heck out of you.


I think the rule of thumb is to basically find a way to celebrate that is way better than any of your friends or family could come up with. The more unique experience, the more impressive your holiday will be.


Hit The Real Haunted Locations

I enjoy going to haunted houses as much as the next person.


The key to the ultimate Halloween night is checking places that are really haunted.


A Little Booze Can Add To The Fun

A very popular way to spend Halloween for adults is getting dressed up in costume, hitting a bar, and having some beverages with your friends. It is a great way to let loose.

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How About About A Combo Deal

What if you could go out and party with your friends at a bar that is really haunted? A buzz could intensify the whole occasion. Especially, when there are actual ghosts involved.


Let us take it to the next level. I am not talking about some fancy club. I envision a dive bar with a long interesting history.


Spend Halloween At Illinois' Most Haunted Dive Bar

This infamous haunted dive bar is "Liar's Club" in Chicago. It is known paranormal activity and a rowdy time. It seems like most places occupied by spirits are more subdued but not this spot. They host live music from bands that like to get loud. All are welcome and depending on when you show up, many of the patrons can lean on the freaky side.

According to, 


"The Liar’s Club is allegedly haunted by, “the ghost of a woman who was hacked to death by her husband in the apartment above the bar is said to haunt this Bucktown spot."


"One woman swears she saw the specter leaning on the bar, and an employee inexplicably had his arm tugged.”


"The Liar’s Club is a place where “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”


If you want to experience something unique on Halloween this year, I suggest taking a road trip to Liar's Club in Chicago. There are not going to be any costume contests, games, or dance competitions but you will meet some very interesting people and might run into a ghost.

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